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An affordable encrypted depository for financial and legacy planning.

Having a safe, easily accessible platform for all your important information has never been more important. vaultbox is an affordable encrypted digital depository for all your vital information and documents. vaultbox also provides financial reporting in multiple currencies and possesses the ability to deputise access - all supported by bank-grade encryption.

vaultbox is available on a subscription basis. Prices for individual users start at just USD9.99 per month with an option to add-on professional deputy and legacy management modules at USD4.99 per month. New subscribers to vaultbox are offered a 30-day free trial period.

An encrypted digital depository

vaultbox is an encrypted digital depository providing easy access to bank information, digital copies of wills, life insurance policies, medical records, title deeds, identification documents, and more. vaultbox is suitable for individuals, business owners, small and medium-sized enterprise and anyone who understands the importance of security, ease of use and centralised access. vaultbox is committed to managing and protecting everything that matters.

Convenient reporting

vaultbox offers convenient, user-generated reporting functionality. Standard reports include balance sheet, graphic representations of net worth positioning over time and pie charts showing the allocation of your net worth across different asset classes and currencies. Net worth and other key indicators are tracked in multiple currencies and exchange rates are automatically updated upon login. Documents can be easily uploaded, extracted and financial data can be quickly entered into intuitive categories.

Deputies and the ‘smart legacy management’

The content of a vaultbox account can only be accessed by the registered user, but users can designate deputies as part of the “smart legacy management” feature. Those deputies - family members or trusted advisors - can jointly unlock the vault as part of your contingency or legacy planning. A built-in ‘inactivity alarm’ can be configured by the users to prompt for updates or trigger notification to the relevant deputies to act upon pre-determined instructions.

Bank-grade encryption

Client data are secured with bank-grade encryption (SHA 256) and multi-factor authentication. vaultbox user information is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers located in Singapore. Continuous 24/7 monitoring of vaultbox’s cloud security and compliance environment is provided by security industry leader, Horangi Warden. vaultbox is a product of Sircured Pte Ltd, a Singapore FinTech Company, certified by Singapore FinTech Association (SFA).

vaultbox is encrypted in Amazon Web Services cloud servers in Singapore. It applies zero access, meaning that no one without pre-authorisation - including the vaultbox administrator - can see what users have stored in their vaultbox accounts. The web application uses multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption as well as bank-grade SHA-256 encryption when connecting to users to ensure the transmission remains private and secure. All data is encrypted on the user’s browser before being uploaded to vaultbox. vaultbox whitepaper would provide a detailed technical description of how vaultbox works, and how it keeps all data completely secure and inaccessible. It is available upon request.

Supporting financial professionals

vaultbox invites lawyers, financial advisers, insurance brokers, wealth planners, wills & estate planners, and other financial intermediaries to collaborate as professional deputies.

vaultbox-generated reports provide financial advisors with a deeper understanding of their clients’ existing portfolio, support better investment advice and financial product offerings. Similarly, lawyers, wills & estate planners can have a more meaningful and efficient conversation with their clients.

For more information about vaultbox, please visit the website at, and to enquire about partnership opportunities please email


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