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Product updates

July 2021

  • Colour coding for calendar events for easy reference 

  • Secure password storage feature (secure online accounts like your social media, subscriptions and financial platforms that are valuable)

  • Configuration of different access level for professional deputies 

  • Professional deputies are able to input data for primary users

May 2021

  • Support multiple languages (added Mandarin)

  • New calendar feature (Set events, reminders for important milestones)

March 2021

  • Support multiple languages (added Bahasa Indonesia)

  • Updates to Contacts report in Excel 

  • Report on the list of folders and files in user's vaultbox

February 2021

  • Updates to Individual Contact report (PDF Export)

  • Updates to Organisation Contact report (PDF Export)

January 2021

  • Users able to appoint other Professional deputy using PD referral code 

December 2020

  • As a customer, able to change the number of deputies required to unlock vaultbox

  • Export contacts to PDF

  • vaultbox referral discount increased from US$2 to US$5 

  • Support multiple languages (added Vietnamese) 

November 2020

  • UI optimizations for mobile screen

  • Professional deputy to delegate access to a normal user account 

October 2020

  • Bulk import of contacts from spreadsheet template 

  • Bulk import contacts from vCard 

  • Net worth currency expressed as a pie chart 

  • Option to include/exclude as asset/liability's value in overall net worth

  • Gift subscription

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