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Making Financial and Legacy Planning Accessible for Everyone

Breaking free from the norm

Covid-19 has severely disrupted global economic activities and accelerated the need for digital solutions. The most welcomed solutions provide improved accessibility and cater to consumers more efficiently. Google Trends shows that there has been an increased percentage of web searches for digital safes and online will-preparation platforms compared to physical storage and will writing providers. Many consumers are beginning their search with digital solutions in mind, instead of traditional methods.

It is now more important to store important personal data and files electronically and safely. Those include wills, life insurance policies, medical records, title deeds, identification documents, along with the key contact information associated with those documents. Of course, all must be in a bank-grade digital safe while still offering the user the ability to give advance access to their loved ones. It is about enabling legacy planning and providing the tools needed to plan for a better, more secure future.

A Singapore registered and certified FinTech company has developed a platform called vaultbox. It is a single, secure, cloud-based location for financial and legacy planning. With bank-quality encryption hosted by AWS in Singapore, one can be sure that the information stored in their digital vault is not accessible by vaultbox administrators and their digital assets stay with them and their trusted deputies.

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to managing their finances and planning their legacy management. vaultbox smart features support users in the following ways.

1. Organise your assets and liabilities

Creating and maintaining your personal asset registry can be intimidating, time-consuming, and frustrating. For example, your checking account may only need a bank name, account number and balance. Your home is very different, with many related assets and liabilities, like a mortgage, taxes, and insurance. Of course, that effort will pay off when you begin financial or retirement planning, need to file taxes, or make an insurance claim. Download a free asset registry template from

2. Track your net worth

Tracking changes in your net worth is one of the most important financial metrics you can perform. For long-term financial planning, it is imperative that you start formulating your financial and retirement goals early. Tracking your net worth is one way to ensure that you are staying accountable to your financial plans.

3. Generate insightful reports, including a personal balance sheet

vaultbox-generated reports assist financial planners as well as users. Standard reports provide financial advisors with a deeper understanding of their client’s existing portfolio, support better investment advice and financial product offerings. Similarly, lawyers, wills & estate planners can have a more meaningful and efficient conversation with their clients.

4. Store vital documents & contacts

One unique feature that differentiates vaultbox from other products is the ability to link assets, liabilities, documents, contacts, and calendars, to get a complete picture of the information. This eliminates fragmented files in different folders and allows your chosen deputy to easily find related information; for example, contacts of your insurance agents and legal representatives.

5. Create important calendar events and reminders

vaultbox calendar reminds you of important events. With vaultbox, creating a recurring event has never been easier. It has many uses such as managing property, tracking due dates and payments, keeping family informed and planning early retirement.

6. Store all those passwords (social sites, trading accounts)

The most efficient way to improve your internet security is with secure online password storage. This feature of vaultbox securely stores passwords. And since there is no need to remember them you will naturally embrace stronger passwords.

7. Smart Legacy management

The content of a vaultbox account can only be accessed by the registered user, but users can designate deputies as part of the “smart legacy management” feature. Those deputies - family members or trusted advisors - will receive an email invitation and be invited to create a free deputy account. In the event of death or incapacitated state, your spouse or children would be able to access your financial information and handle your social media accounts based on pre-determined instructions set by you.

vaultbox was designed with the goal of helping everyone to better organise their confidential data. By easily keeping information updated, you leave behind an accurate and clear state of affairs for your trusted deputies and in turn your loved ones.

vaultbox is available on a subscription basis. Prices for individual users start at just USD9.99 per month with an option to add-on professional deputy and legacy management modules at USD4.99 per month. New subscribers to vaultbox are offered a 30-day free trial period.

For more information about vaultbox, please visit the website at

About Sircured Pte Ltd

Sircured Pte Ltd (201812687H) is a Singapore-registered FinTech Company certified by Singapore FinTech Association as a Wealth Management, Blockchain & DLT and Capital Markets provider. Our team members have an established track record in regulated industries such as legal, finance and insurance and we have a keen interest in bringing together technology to solve today’s problems simply. Our first product is vaultbox a digital solution for financial and legacy planning.

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