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vaultbox Launches Free-To-Use Essential Plan

Simple | Seamless | Secure

Sircured Pte Ltd

Singapore, 18 February 2022 – Following 18 months of user testing and feedback, vaultbox launches the free-to-use vaultbox Essential. vaultbox is a digital safety deposit box that helps digital natives become digitally organised by providing bank-quality encryption and storage of key information and documents. vaultbox also supports financial and legacy planning by leading users through the preparation of their personal asset and liability registry.

vaultbox is the flagship product of Sircured Pte Ltd, a Singapore-registered FinTech Company certified by Singapore FinTech Association.

vaultbox is an intuitive web-based application that supports financial and legacy planning. The essential plan includes a complete set of modules, including digital vault, asset and liability registry, password vault, contact management, calendar feature, with a storage capacity of 2GB. Features include easy-to-use standard financial reports and graphics, net worth tracking, monitoring of investments, and formatting in multiple currencies which are automatically updated. vaultbox gives you clarity on your financial situation anytime.

With the essential plan, you can record, organise and manage information about your assets, liabilities, passwords, events and supporting documents in one central location. vaultbox also allows you to link all your information, eliminating fragmented files in different folders and to quickly find the information you need.

vaultbox is also available as vaultbox Pro, a subscription plan at just US$4.99/month. With the upgraded version, you will be able to unlock the Deputy module as part of your smart legacy management. The deputy module allows you to give access to trusted individuals like your family members or legal representatives in the event you are incapacitated or unable to do so. During such instances, your trusted loved ones will be able to access your vault for important information and ensure they are treated according to your wishes.

vaultbox is founded by Matt Richards, CEO of the Watiga group of companies. Matt Richards, CEO and Founder, vaultbox, said, “Simply put, vaultbox is about having everything in one place, organised and inventorised. The first step to planning is knowing what you've got, keeping track of what you've got -- be it different asset classes, across different locations, and in different currencies. Keeping it all in one place makes it so much easier to stock-take and plan for the future, and certainly will help others find all your bits and pieces in case something untoward happens to you. Managing and protecting your records of value, both for the present and the future”.

vaultbox also aims to help Gen-Z and millennials to understand the importance of financial and legacy planning by giving them access to the right tools and resources to manage their digital legacy and help their parents create one – all of it fully digital.

For more information about vaultbox, please visit the website at

About Sircured Pte Ltd

Sircured Pte Ltd (201812687H) is a Singapore-registered FinTech Company certified by Singapore FinTech Association as a Wealth Management, Blockchain & DLT and Capital Markets provider. Using technology to solve today’s problems, it launched Escrow SG for escrow services, Om Tech for simpler Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) establishment and administration, and vaultbox, a digital solution for financial and legacy planning.

About vaultbox

vaultbox provides a single, secure, cloud-based location for financial and legacy planning product created by Sircured, the technology company within the WATIGA group. We strive to help you manage and protect everything that matters in one place. vaultbox also ensures that your data is secure and private, so private that even we do not have access to the data you have stored on your vaultbox. However, if you want, you can choose your family members, friends or appoint selected professional deputies to have access to your vaultbox account.

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