How secure is vaultbox ?

We take security seriously. Security is in the fabric of the vaultbox’s architecture and culture. All data uploaded into vaultbox is encrypted with the latest technology available and bank-quality SHA-256 encryption.



SSL Encryption
SHA-256 Encryption
Password Protected

Zero access

We have zero access to what you have stored in vaultbox. Your digital assets stay with you and your trusted deputies. 

Your data is encrypted on your browser before being uploaded to your registry. The team cannot decrypt your data and have zero access to the data you have saved in your vault. We cannot see what you have stored on your vaultbox.

No third parties are able to see what you have stored in vaultbox without your pre-authorisation. Your key documents are safely kept in our AWS cloud servers in Singapore, and you're in control of who you want to give access to on your data.



Cloud Data Partner

Security Partners

How do your deputies get access to your vaultbox? 

You get to fully control who can access your vault.

Your chosen deputies can only gain access after you delegate pre-assigned access rights to your vaultbox account. Your deputies will be notified after a certain period of inactivity set by you, upon death or you become incapacitated.

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