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Using technology to solve today's problems

vaultbox provides a digital solution for financial and legacy planning. We strive to help you manage and protect everything that matters in one place. vaultbox also ensures that your data is secure and private, so private that even we do not have access to the data you have stored on your vaultbox. However, if you want, you can choose your family members, friends or appoint selected professional deputies to have access to your vaultbox account.

vaultbox is a product of Sircured Pte. Ltd. (201812687H), a Singapore-registered FinTech Company certified by Singapore FinTech Association as a Wealth Management, Blockchain & DLT and Capital Markets provider. Our team members have an established track record in regulated industries such as legal, finance and insurance and we have a keen interest in bringing together technology to solve today’s problems simply. 

Sircured Pte. Ltd.

Why we created vaultbox?

We created vaultbox because there was no good and secure place to keep our important personal data and files electronically while still being able to give advance access to our loved ones.

We have also designed vaultbox to be useful enough for continuous use, so that it is easy for you to keep things updated, and then to leave behind an accurate and clear state of affairs for your trusted deputies.

We hope you will find vaultbox as good as a bank safe deposit box, adapted for the 21st century.

No Credit Card required.

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Meet the vaultbox team

We've had an amazing journey coming to where we are today, creating a single secure, cloud-based location for financial & legacy planning. We've got a well-seasoned team at the helm that draws on broad industry experience and networks to create the most user-friendly FinTech platform that is accessible to everyone. 

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Iwan Hartono, 

Product Manager

MBA - Manchester Business School

I've worked more than 8 years in the financial banking sector. With my experience across the capital markets locally in Singapore and internationally, I believe vaultbox will be handy for those in the financial sector.

Ned Lowe,

Tech Advisor

Master of Engineering (MEng), Electronic Engineering - Imperial College London

AWS Certified Solutions Architect 

I provide professional support to the design and architecture of vaultbox development.

live to design and build systems and create teams that share my passion. 

Jeff Crowe,

Commercial Advisor

Master of Professional Studies - Cornell University

I build and manage marketing teams for companies specialising in the service industries - by applying a disciplined, coordinated, and data-supported approach to e-commerce, marketing communications, and direct sales.

Professional Partners

Horangi security pentest partner of vaultbox
Mission + development partner of vaultbox
Communications Network Asia
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