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Free asset registry template for download

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Track your net worth

Tracking your net worth with vaultbox is an easy step to improve your finances. vaultbox allows you to organise and protect all your financial information in one place.

Pass on your digital legacy

In the event of death or incapacitation, what happens to all your assets? Do you have contingency planning so that your loved ones can access to your asset’s information?

With vaultbox's smart legacy management function, users may appoint a personal or a professional deputy to recover and grant access to their nominated confidants, family members, business partners, or legal representatives.


Monitor & Analyse

Have you had enough of collecting data and inserting it into the spreadsheet to produce accurate reports?

vaultbox’s automated reporting and analysis features enable you to monitor your progress towards your financial goals holistically. These auto-generated reports are reliable, precise and can be presented as an easy-to-understand summary with useful graphic formats. vaultbox helps users accurately track their data right at their fingertips.

Multiple Currency Integration

Track all of your assets and liabilities in multiple currencies, automatically updated to the latest market rates every time you log in.

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Think of vaultbox as

A tool to manage your assets/liabilities and have an overall view of your net worth.

A cloud-based legacy management service.

A digital safety deposit box for uploading records, securely accessible from anywhere.


Find your right plan

If you’re just starting out, the Monthly plan would be perfect for you at the beginning. Add-on the legacy management module when you are ready to plan your afterlife instructions. Upgrade to Yearly plan whenever you’re ready to commit and save more.




Includes everything in free plan +​

  • Assets and liabilities registry

  • Track net worth

  • 50 GB of secure file storage

  • Save your important contacts

  • Appoint a deputy

  • Ability to appoint professional deputy with legacy management module as an add-on at US$4.99/month

best value legacy managmentplan

Yearly best value!


Includes everything in monthly plan +​

  • Preferential rate when appointing professional deputy with legacy management module as an add-on at US$49.99/year

  • Save US$29.78 yearly

Family Plan

Coming Soon

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Deputy Only

  • Be appointed as a deputy for your loved ones

  • Help unlock their vaultbox if they have lost their password or can no longer do so themselves

 Prices are inclusive of GST