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Professional Deputies + 
Smart Legacy Management

Professional deputies are trusted service providers that can recover and grant access to nominated confidants, family members, business partners, or legal representatives in the event of death or incapacitation. 

Professional support

Built-in inactivity alarm configuration

Trigger notifications

Pre-determined instructions


You may appoint your family members, friends or trusted individuals as part of the "smart legacy management". These designated delegates are the people who can come together to unlock your vaultbox.

Minimum 2 delegates 


Asset & Liability Registry

Organise and record all your assets and liabilities in a centralised location. Ability to link assets and liabilities together. For example, a mortgage linked to the relevant apartment.

Tracking of net worth 

Improve your financial health

Standard reports (Balance sheet reports)

Asset and liability pairing

Graphic representations

Multiple currencies

Digital Safety Deposit Box

Store vital documents and contacts. 

Bank-grade encryption

Zero access by vaultbox administrators

Contact management

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360° link between assets, liabilities, documents, contacts, calendar and password

vaultbox password storage

Secure Password Storage

This feature of vaultbox securely stores passwords. And since there is no need to remember them, you will naturally embrace stronger passwords

Improve internet security 

Password vault

Quick launch of websites

Easily copy username and passwords

Password hygiene

vaultbox calendar.png

Keeping track of your subscriptions

Document renewals (passport)

Payment reminders

vaultbox calendar reminds you of important events. Family members and appointed deputies are kept well informed.

Calendar Feature

Create recurring events easily

Contact Management

vaultbox website images.png

This is not your ordinary contact management you have on your smartphone. vaultbox contact management is designed with purpose.

Link your insurance policy documents to your financial consultant

Link your bank account with your relationship manager

Link your assets and liabilities to relevant contacts

Provides a complete picture of information

In an emergency, your trusted deputies can easily find the information they need

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