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  • Signing up for vaultbox
    Welcome to vaultbox! To sign-up, go to and click 'Register': Then enter your details as prompted. Next, select the subscription plan that best suits you. You may also input referral or promotion codes if any: (You are automatically on a 30 day free trial. If you are happy with using vaultbox, you can simply set up your billing details through the setting before your trial expires.) Next, review the details and terms of service: Hit submit when done reviewing: An automated email would be sent to the registered email for verifying your email address. Simply click on the activation link that is sent to your mailbox. You have successfully activated your account. You may log in now to explore vaultbox features. Next you need to setup Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication
    In today's world, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is essential for protecting the security of your data. By entering a code generated from your mobile phone, you can be sure that even if a hacker had access to your password, your data is still safe. When you login to vaultbox for the first time, you will see a screen like this: If you select Email OTP, the authentication code will be sent to your registered email: For Digital OTP selection, you would be brought to this page: (It provides a detailed guide with steps to set up the multi-factor authentication on vaultbox along with a list of commonly-used authenticator apps.) If you have not used an MFA tool before, then download Google Authenticator by downloading from your relevant App Store and following the instructions. If you already have a preferred tool, then use that. Once you have installed the MFA tool, click the "+" button in the tool and either scan the second QR code or manually enter the code. This will generate a number - enter that number into the code field below. Congratulations, you have now setup your Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Signing up as a deputy
    To sign-up as a deputy, go to and click 'Register': Then enter your details as prompted. Next, Select the Deputy Only plan. Next, review the details and terms of service and hit submit: You will also need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication. If you have received an email invitation to become a deputy: You will have received a mail from vaultbox informing you of the request. Click the link that says "Sign Up", and you will see the following screen: (Similar sign up process as the above) Enter your details then click 'Next'. You will also need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication. Note that as a deputy, you do not have your own vaultbox. If you would like to upgrade your account, go to 'Settings', 'Subscription' and 'Change subscription'.
  • Setting up a base currency
    You may hold assets and liabilities in multiple currencies around the world, but in order to get an aggregated view of your net worth you need to set your base currency. This is the currency which will then be used for all reports and visualisations in vaultbox. To set your base currency, click the Settings cog on the left of the screen, then select Exchange rates: Click the edit button next to your Base Currency: The following page would load: Type the currency you want, then click Save.
  • My promo code doesn't work
    Our unique vaultbox promo code applies to either monthly or yearly plan. For example, a monthly-plan promo code with a four-month duration applies to the first four months of a customer’s monthly subscription fee. Meanwhile, a yearly-plan promo code applies to a customer's first one year subscription fee. Do take note that most promo codes are applied to monthly subscriptions only unless stated for yearly subscriptions. Hence, if you try applying a promo code to either monthly or yearly plan and receive the following error message, simply select the other subscription option. Here's an example: When the following promo code XMAS21 is used for a yearly plan, it would display the error message "Failed to check code validity". Simply switch to the monthly plan and click "Next" to see your sign-up information, as well as the promotion discount and duration information. If it still doesn't work, please submit a new support ticket and we will review and get back to you.
  • Why do I need to input my credit card when using the promo code? Will my credit card be charged?
    If you used a valid promo code that entitles you free months/years, your credit card will NOT be charged during that period. Regular fees will apply after the free period, unless you choose to cancel your subscription before the end of the free period. You may contact vaultbox support at if there are any issues.
  • Being a deputy overview
    Navigation to the Deputy menu As a personal deputy, you can see a consolidated list of the account holders you support by clicking “Primary Users who I am Deputy for”. This is found in the left menu. The deputy dashboard is made up of the following sections 1. Pending my acceptance to be Deputy If you invited a friend or family member to be your deputy, that request will appear here for them to approve. 2. I am currently a Deputy for these Primary Users It is not unusual for someone to serve as a personal deputy for several friends or family members. This section shows a deputy the list of primary users for whom they are currently a Deputy. 3. Requests For a personal deputy, this section identifies their responsibilities. To update primary user details To reset their password To unlock their files To change their phone number Requests … This section gives details of where a vaultbox user has requested for a deputy: To update primary user details To reset their password To unlock their files To change their phone number 4. vaultbox accounts by Primary Users If you are a vaultbox deputy, details about the vaultbox accounts you are involved with will appear here. To view the registry of the main user, a deputy must first “unlock” the main user account. Please note the number of deputies required to unlock vaultbox. It is impossible for a single personal deputy to open someone’s vaultbox alone.
  • Unlocking a file
    Sometimes a document is so secret that once locked away, it can only be viewed once a deputy has unlocked it. An example of this would be something like your grandma's secret cake recipe, or the codes to a nuclear warhead. If the person you are deputising requests a file unlock, you will receive a notification in your email. Login, and you will see the following in your Deputy vaultbox. Click Approve or Reject as appropriate. Note that approving a file can take a little while, so please be patient! Only one deputy is required to unlock the file, so once you have done this, the file is available to be opened.
  • Adding a payment method
    To set up a payment channels on your account: Select Settings. Click the Subscription tab. Click Add a card Fill in the required details. After you’ve added the details, click Save. Tip: You can always come back and add or delete more cards, by following the same steps.
  • Change or cancel your subscription
    If you want to change or cancel your subscription, go to your Settings, then click the Subscription tab. Click the Change Subscription button. The following screen will appear: Any changes you make will take effect at the end of the current term. For example, if you are currently on a yearly plan and you switch to monthly, then the switch will occur at the end of the yearly term. If you want to cancel, then the following screen will popup: As per the on-screen guidance, please be aware that you need to download a copy of your vaultbox first. You will continue to be able to access vaultbox, but only in the capacity of a Deputy.
  • Can I get refund on vaultbox subscription fee paid?
    vaultbox will send a reminder email on the upcoming fee subscription billing. We encourage users to make the necessary amendments prior to the billing date. All subscription fees paid are non-refundable.
  • What is vaultbox Essential?
    vaultbox Essential is a free-to-use plan suitable for those who are getting started. Here is a list of features that comes with vaultbox Essential: Digital vault Store your will, insurance policies, and other key documents with bank-quality encryption. 2GB of complimentary storage covers basic needs of most users. Asset and liability registry Track your net worth & generate financial reports Password vault Secure all your passwords in one centralised location Contact management Store all your vital contacts (e.g. lawyer, insurance agent, bank officer) Calendar feature Keep track of your payments and subscriptions 2GB Storage (up to 20 items) To compare subscription plans visit:
  • What is vaultbox Pro?
    vaultbox Pro is the most comprehensive financial and legacy planning subscription available, which include all vaultbox features. Here is a list of features that comes with vaultbox Pro: Includes everything in vaultbox Essential Deputies Appoint family members and trusted individuals as part of the “smart legacy management” Professional Deputy + Legacy Management Add on this service at US$4.99/month 50GB Storage To compare subscription plans visit:
  • What is vaultbox and why do I need it?
    vaultbox is your solution for cloud-based financial and legacy planning. Q: Why choose vaultbox? A: With peace of mind as your objective - vaultbox is your “digital safety deposit box”, but with more features such as compilation of your net worth and legacy planning. We help you organise and protect all your vital financial information in one place. Should any untoward circumstances happen to you, then your next-of-kin or assigned deputies will be able to access the important documents or data without delay. Q: Is vaultbox secure? A: Yes. vaultbox takes security very seriously. Our system ensures complete security in the cloud. vaultbox employs local-only encryption, which means that only you can decrypt and access your data. Q: What does “zero access” mean? A: It means that the vaultbox team has no way to view the data and files you have saved in your vaultbox. This is because your data and files are encrypted on your computer using your secure encryption key (based on your password) before being uploaded. The vaultbox team is unable to unlock your vaultbox even if we wanted to. Hence, we have zero access of your data and files. More on this in our technical guide to vaultbox security. Q: Who can use vaultbox? A: Anyone who has attained the legal age of 18 years old. Q: Can a company use vaultbox? A: Yes. We will require a natural person who represents the company to sign up.
  • Captcha verification failed, try again!
    If you're trying to submit a support ticket request and the following failed message appears, please try using Chrome or Firefox browser. Tentatively, you can email us directly at
  • Sign-Up FAQs
    Q: What information do I need to provide to sign up? A: Name as per passport, passport number, email address, mobile phone number and a strong password. You can update the information later should there be any changes. Q: Is there a minimum subscription period? A: No. You may choose vaultbox Essential, which is free or you may choose vaultbox Pro with full features. vaultbox Pro has monthly or yearly subscription, but you can terminate whenever you like. Q: What is the benefit of paying annually? A: More savings compared to paying monthly. Q: Who has access at the backend of the system to my vaultbox? A: Only you and your assigned deputies have access. Q: What happens to my data if I terminate? A: All your data will be deleted immediately, and it will not be restored if you re-sign up later. Prior to terminating, you should plan to save all the data elsewhere if you would like to retain them. Q: Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade? A: Yes. One of the many benefits vaultbox cloud-based software is that you are always on the latest version. New features and functionality are delivered incrementally.
  • Deputies FAQs
    Q: What is the recommended number of deputies? A: 2 or 3 deputies Q: How many deputies are required to unlock my vaultbox? A: A minimum of 2. Q: Can I remove my deputies? A: You can revoke and reappoint new deputies at anytime. Q: Can I not have deputies? A: Yes. You can opt for no deputies. Select “skip for now”. Please be aware that if you choose not to have any deputies and you are no longer alive/able to enter your account, your data will be locked away forever. Q: Is circular deputisation ok? A: Yes. Meaning that Person A can deputise Persons B and C, and Person B can deputise Persons A and C, and so on. Q: Can I deputise myself using an alternate personal email? A: Yes, you can. Be aware that if your identity is hacked and your multiple email accounts are compromised, your vaultbox may be compromised also. Q: What is a Professional Deputy? A: Professional Deputies are authorised and trusted entities that will act as your deputy. If requested to unlock your vaultbox, they will do all the necessary due diligence to ensure that the request is valid. Q: Does a deputy need deputies? A: No - the deputy vaultbox account does not support deputies. If a deputy upgrades their account to vaultbox pro, they will be able to select deputies as normal.
  • What is zero access?
    vaultbox is encrypted in Amazon Web Services cloud servers in Singapore. It applies zero access, meaning that no one without pre-authorisation - including the vaultbox administrator - can see what users have stored in their vaultbox accounts. The web application uses multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption as well as bank-grade SHA-256 encryption when connecting to users to ensure the transmission remains private and secure. All data is encrypted on the user’s browser before being uploaded to vaultbox. vaultbox whitepaper would provide a detailed technical description of how vaultbox works, and how it keeps all data completely secure and inaccessible. It is available on the main website, please click here to find out how to obtain vaultbox technical whitepaper.
  • What does 'My Net Worth' mean?
    This is the sum of the value of all of your assets minus the sum of all your liabilities.
  • What is "Other assets"?
    Sometimes you want to record an asset for which vaultbox doesn't have a specific type - maybe jewellery, art pieces or collectibles. These assets can be recorded using our "Other assets" type.
  • Professional Deputies FAQs
    Q: Why do you need my passport number? A: In the case of your Professional Deputy needing to unlock your vaultbox, they will need to confirm various things about you. Your passport number is a unique reference that can be used to ensure that everyone is talking about the same person.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs
    Q. While signing up, I got prompted that my MFA registration failed. What next? A. Delete the failed vaultbox registration from your Authentication tool, then try the process again.
  • Logging in and out
    Q. I got automatically logged out. Why? A. If you are idle for 30 minutes, you will be logged out automatically for your safety.
  • Request for technical whitepaper
    You may request for vaulbox's technical whitepaper via vaultbox website. Click on the hyperlink at the top of the website. The following page would appear. Fill in the mandatory fields and click download. An email with the document attached with be send to the email you have provided. If not, please check in the junk folder.
  • Glossary
  • History of account access by deputy
    To view the history of your account access by deputy, click the Settings cog on the left of the screen, then select Deputy accesses only on the right checkbox:
  • How to send gifts via vaultbox?
    To send vaultbox as a gift, click the Settings cog on the left of the screen Then select Gifts and hit the "Send gift". Fill up all the required fields and click purchase once done. You've mastered the art of sending gifts using vaultbox.
  • Are contents of vaultbox subject to will and inheritance laws?
    Q: Are the contents of vaultbox subject to will and inheritance laws or would this act like a direct transfer of assets in the event of passing on? A: vaultbox is an efficient way to catalog/inventorise your assets and subsequently pass that information to your loved ones after death or incapacity (but not to legally transfer ownership of the assets, which is why wills, trusts, and other planning tools are still necessary).
  • vaultbox mobile
    vaultbox mobile is available for both IOS and Android devices! The mobile app will serve to enhance vaultbox's existing features, as well as to help you view any documents, assets or even your net-worth in the palm of your hand. App Store: vaultbox on the App Store ( Google Play Store: vaultbox - Apps on Google Play
  • What is vaultbox's new Group Plan?
    vaultbox has finally released its Group Plan whereby you can have up to 5 members, including yourself. It also includes everything in vaultbox Pro, and each member gets 50GB of storage All members will have access to the Deputy feature too! More information about our plan can be found in subsequent FAQs Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any enquires!
  • How much does vaultbox's Group plan cost?
    Our Group plan starts at US$9.99 per month or you can subscribe to our annual plan for US$99.99 a year!
  • How do I subscribe to the group plan?
    To subscribe, simply follow the steps below 1. Go to Settings and click on 'Subscriptions' 2. Click on 'Change Subscription' and a page containing the different plan information will pop up 3. You can then click on your preferred group subscription plan, make payment and you are subscribed! Note: You are able to convert your vaultbox Pro plan to vaultbox Group. However, when you are adding existing vaultbox Pro members to the group, their existing billing cycle would have to complete before the vaultbox Group plan will be effective.
  • How to add members into your vaultbox Group Plan
    You can add members to your vaultbox Group by following the steps below 1. Under Settings, go to your subscription page. Your screen should show this: 2. Click on Add Members. You should see a popup, asking for intended members' email address. 3. Key in intended members' email address and they should receive email invitations to accept your invite Note* If the intended members' email address is not registered with vaultbox, they will have to create an account before being able to accept the invite.
  • Leaving a vaultbox Group
    To leave a group, simply go to the subscriptions page. You should see a 'Leave Group' button at the top right hand of the page A prompt will confirm your decision to leave the group. Once you click on accept, you have successfully left the group.
  • Removing a member from vaultbox Group
    To revoke a member's access from your group, simply go to the subscription page under settings You should see a delete icon beside your member's email. There will be a prompt to confirm your changes Click 'Yes' to proceed and you have successfully removed the member
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