What is vaultbox?

vaultbox is your “digital safety deposit box”, but with more features such as compilation of your net worth and legacy planning. 

Why vaultbox?

vaultbox help you put your affairs in one place. Should any untoward circumstances happen to you, then your next-of-kin or assigned deputies will be able to access the important documents or data without delay.

Who should use it?

Anyone regardless of race, age and religion. vaultbox is suitable for individuals, business owners, and small and medium sized enterprises to secure and share access to their important files, contacts and sensitive information.

How much does it cost?

Start using vaultbox as a deputy for free! You can upgrade to monthly or yearly account to unlock more amazing features and storage space for your legacy management and needs. Check out our pricing plan for more information.

As a individual user where do I start?

Just Register for an account and you can start managing and protecting everything that matters.

Using vaultbox
How do I log in?

Click on the Sign In button located on the top right of our website or click here to login.

Is vaultbox an app?

vaultbox is a web-based app that can be used on any internet browser.

What device can vaultbox be use on?

You can use vaultbox on any internet browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, as long as you're connected to the internet.

Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade?

Yes, you're entitled to software updates/upgrades. One of the many benefits of vaultbox is that you are always on the latest version. vaultbox is a cloud-based software. Therefore, new features and functionality are delivered instantaneously.

How many deputies are required to unlock my vaultbox?

vaultbox will allow you to have up to 6 deputies. However, a minimum of two is needed to unlock your vaultbox.

How do I change my password?

Click on Settings on the top left of your dashboard and pick Change password.

How do I set up or reset my MFA?

To set up your MFA, click on Settings on the top left of your dashboard and pick Set up MFA.

To reset your MFA, click Reset MFA when you are prompt to enter your MFA code.  

How secure is vaultbox?

We take security seriously. Security is in the fabric of vaultbox’s architecture and culture. Every data uploaded into vaultbox is encrypted with the latest technology available and uses bank-quality SHA-256 encryption when connecting to you so you feel safe when storing information into vaultbox

Do you have access to my data?

We have zero access of what you have stored in vaultbox. Your digital assets stay with you and your trusted deputies.

No third parties are able to see what you have stored in vaultbox without your pre-authorisation. Your key documents are safely kept up on cloud servers and you're in control of who you want to give access on your data.

Any other questions?

If you have more questions that are not covered here, please reach out to us.


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