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Take Control of your Data Privacy. Zero Admin Access. Always.

Are you a scam victim? If so, you’re not alone. According to the Aite-Novarica Group, in 2021 there were 46,196 scam cases reported in Singapore – a 24% increase from the previous year. That’s one scam case for every 30 households. Or, one in every 120 residents.

As we live and work more digitally, our personal information, identity, and currency have become more valuable – and more attractive to cyber criminals. Having a safe and easily accessible platform for all your important information has never been more important.

“But how do I keep my vital information safe?” Enter the calvary. Enter vaultbox.

vaultbox provides digital solutions for financial and legacy planning. By decentralising security control, we ensure your data is secure and private – giving you a one stop solution to manage and protect your assets.

Industry-leading data security solutions

Passwords aren’t great security measures. You probably forget the most secure ones. The most efficient way to improve your personal internet security is with secure online storage. With vaultbox’s bank-grade encryption, coupled with multi-factor authentication, no one except you can access your vault – not even company leaders or system administrators.

How secure is it?

Your data is encrypted before leaving your device, fragmented, and hosted on multiple servers. Even if the most skilled hackers gained access, they would only have an incomplete series of encrypted objects, with no way of locating and linking it all back together again.

Because of vaultbox’s institutional grade security systems, you can rest assured knowing that all your digital files, assets, and identification are secure. Your digital assets stay with you and your trusted deputies.

“Simply put, vaultbox is about having everything in one place, organised and inventorised. The first step to planning is knowing what you’ve got, keeping track of what you’ve got,” shares Matt Richards, CEO of the Watiga group of companies and founder of vaultbox.

Vaultbox. Ranked in the top 66 list of Southeast Asia Personal Finance companies and startups – decentralises security control with ease and changes the game for consumers seeking greater authority and security over their data and assets.

vaultbox. Because no one wants to be the next scam victim.

Try vaultbox Essential now. It’s free!


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