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How does a personal deputy view the dashboard and registry in vaultbox?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Deputies are at the heart of vaultbox security. As a vaultbox user, your designated deputies are the people who can come together to unlock your vaultbox if you lose your password or are unable to personally open your vaultbox account for any reason.

You may choose either a professional deputy or trusted individuals to have access to your vaultbox. This article focuses on individual deputies. If you are a professional deputy or you want to learn more about how professional deputies work with vaultbox, please see our Frequently Ask Questions here. For trusted individuals, at least two are needed to come together to unlock your vaultbox, but you can specify more. We suggest appointing three.

Navigation to the Deputy menu

As a personal deputy, you can see a consolidated list of the account holders you support by clicking “Primary Users who I am Deputy for”. This is found in the left menu.

The deputy dashboard is made up of the following sections

1. Pending acceptance to be a Deputy

If you invited a friend or family member to be your deputy, that request will appear here for them to approve.

2. I am currently a Deputy for these Primary Users

It is not unusual for someone to serve as a personal deputy for several friends or family members. This section shows a deputy the list of primary users for whom they are currently a Deputy.

3. Requests

For a personal deputy, this section identifies their responsibilities.

To update primary user details

  • To reset their password

  • To unlock their files

  • To change their phone number

4. vaultbox accounts by Primary Users

If you are a vaultbox deputy, details about the vaultbox accounts you are involved with will appear here. To view the registry of the main user, a deputy must first “unlock” the main user account. Please note the number of deputies required to unlock vaultbox. It is impossible for a single personal deputy to open someone’s vaultbox alone.

Viewing the registry of the main user

Once a vaultbox account is unlocked by the deputies, the vaultbox information will be visible. Watch the following video to understand how to view the registry of the main user account.

What is vaultbox?

Having a safe and easily accessible platform for all your important information has never been more important.

vaultbox provides a digital solution for financial and legacy planning. It helps you manage and protect everything that matters in one place. vaultbox also ensures that your data is secure and private, so private that even we do not have access to the data you have stored on your vaultbox. We recommend you choose your family members, friends or appoint selected professional deputies to have access to your vaultbox account under certain conditions that you decide.

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