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Keep on track with vaultbox calendar feature

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Create and edit events & reminders with the new vaultbox calendar!

How vaultbox works

vaultbox allows you to organise and protect all your digital files and information in one place. Store, organize, and access important documents such as wills, life insurance policies, medical records, title deeds, identification documents, and key individual or organisational contacts. The built-in calendar tracks recurring events, while robust standard reports track your net worth in multiple currencies.

Why use vaultbox calendar?

vaultbox calendar reminds you of important events. With vaultbox, creating a recurring event has never been easier. A recurring event is simply one that appears in your calendar more than once. Utilise the recurring option, which is built within the event editor, instead of creating an event multiple times. Recurring events can be created and customized to meet a variety of timing and repetition requirements.

vaultbox calendar has many uses.

  • Property management

  • Track due dates/payments

  • Keep family informed

  • See availability, quickly

  • Retirement/early retirement planning

Maintaining an accurate calendar with timely reminders helps reduces the stress of juggling a hectic schedule.

360° Links between your digital assets

vaultbox allows users to create links between assets/liabilities, documents, contacts, and calendar. For example, a house (asset) can be linked to a home loan (liability) which can be further linked to a mortgage agreement (document), a banker (contact) and reminder for fire insurance renewal (calendar). This ensures you get a complete picture of your information, not fragmented files in different folders without links to one another.

Create and edit events in vaultbox

As a vaultbox customer, you can create and edit events seamlessly. Here are some examples of details that you can include when creating an event:

  • Description

  • Date

  • Recurring event

  • Reminder days

  • Tags

  • Contacts

  • Assets/Liabilities

  • Linked documents

What is vaultbox?

Having a safe and easily accessible platform for all your important information has never been more important and vaultbox can solve some of your issues, if not all!

vaultbox provides a digital solution for financial and legacy planning. We strive to help you manage and protect everything that matters in one place. vaultbox also ensures that your data is secure and private, so private that even we do not have access to the data you have stored on your vaultbox. However, if you want, you can choose your family members, friends or appoint selected professional deputies to have access to your vaultbox account.

Try vaultbox now for free with a 30-day trial.


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