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How to upload information easily?

Updated: Feb 18

The advancements of digital technology have seen the migration of users from physical cabinet storage to hard drives and cloud-based storage systems. It may be challenging to determine what kind of cloud storage is right for you, given the number of file-sharing sites and storage providers available on the internet.

At the end of this article, you should be able to decide why vaultbox secure cloud storage, financial and legacy planning platform is the best for you.

Why upload information with vaultbox?

vaultbox allows you to organise and protect all your financial information in one place - from keeping track of your net worth to storing all your personal information including assets/liabilities supporting documents (such as wills, life insurance policies, medical records, title deeds, identification documents, and so on), and key contact information in a bank-grade digital safe.

One unique feature that differentiates vaultbox from other products is the capability to allow users to link between assets/liabilities, documents and contacts so that one can get a complete picture of the information, not fragmented files in different folders without any linkages and connections to one another.

And what is important is that vaultbox admin has zero access to what is stored in your vaultbox. Your digital assets stay with you and your trusted deputies. Your data is encrypted on your browser before being uploaded to your registry. vaultbox team cannot decrypt your data and has zero access to the data you have saved in your vault. We cannot see what you have stored on your vaultbox. No third parties are able to see what you have stored in vaultbox without your pre-authorisation. Your key documents are safely kept in our AWS cloud servers in Singapore, and you're in control of who you want to give access to your data.

Upload assets and liabilities using Excel spreadsheet

Some users may find it daunting to input multiple assets and liabilities into a new system and therefore we have created an easier way to do the work – an excel spreadsheet upload. Simply click the “Import” button on the top right-hand corner and select “From Excel” and download the template. The template contains multiple tabs, each corresponds to a type of asset or liability. Each tab, eg. Cash, contains predefined fields with sample information so that you know the kind of information that you need to fill in. To avoid confusion, you should input the relevant information, remove the sample information and other irrelevant tabs before uploading the excel file back on the vaultbox. Once you have uploaded the excel file onto vaultbox, your assets and liabilities will be instantly reflected.

Ease of uploading documents

Organise files and folders with vaultbox seamlessly. For your convenience, vaultbox already includes predefined folders for the organisation of your documents, but you can still create, modify and delete folders the way that best suits your needs. The folder organisation also allows you to look through the number of folders and files that are contained within a particular folder. In addition, vaultbox allows you to tag a document or link a contact or asset/liability to it when uploading a document so that it can be easily retrieved. For example: while uploading an insurance policy, you may link the document with the contact details of the insurance agent and the insurance (as an asset item in the Registry). Therefore, whenever you open the insurance asset or the contact of the insurance policy in vaultbox, you would be able to see the linkage.

Uploading your key contacts

When it comes to uploading contact information, users have several options. Firstly, using our simple navigation fields, you can manually insert your contacts and enter the necessary details you want to upload. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Secondly, you may choose to upload your contacts using an excel spreadsheet. To do that, simply click the “Import” button on the top right-hand corner and select “From Excel”. You need to download the excel template first before entering the contact information. The template provides you with some sample information, however, that also means that you need to delete the sample information so that they do not mix-up your contact information. Organisation or company contacts can be entered in the 2nd tab in the spreadsheet. To upload, simply drag the populated excel template into the upload area. And lastly, you may choose to upload vcard (.vcf file) using the same “Import” button.

Now that you have learned how to upload contacts, documents and multiple assets/liabilities, we hope that you found vaultbox intuitive, easy to use and most importantly beneficial for your financial and legacy planning.

What is vaultbox?

Having a safe and easily accessible platform for all your important information has never been more important and vaultbox can solve some of your issues, if not all!

vaultbox provides a digital solution for financial and legacy planning. We strive to help you manage and protect everything that matters in one place. vaultbox also ensures that your data is secure and private, so private that even we do not have access to the data you have stored on your vaultbox. However, if you want, you can choose your family members, friends or appoint selected professional deputies to have access to your vaultbox account.

Try vaultbox now for free with a 30-day trial.

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