Why vaultbox ?

Safe & secure

The vaultbox web app uses bank-quality SHA-256 encryption when connecting to you, so that the connection between you and your vaultbox remains private and secure. 


Your data is encrypted on your browser before being uploaded to your vaultbox. Only you hold the private key to decrypt your data, however you can choose to share your private key with your trusted deputies who are able to come together to jointly unlock your vaultbox in your absence.

The vaultbox team cannot decrypt your data and we have zero access to the files and financial information you have saved in your vaultbox

Better knowledge,  better future

Knowing and tracking your financial position is vitally important in the creation of your wealth over time. 

With vaultbox assets and liabilities registry, you will be able to inventorise and categorise by asset class, currency and associated liabilities. You can generate your personal balance sheet as well as charts showing positioning of your asset performance.

Your net worth is tracked in multiple currencies and automatically calculated using the latest foreign exchange rates.

Better knowledge,  better future

Store and organise your valuable and sensitive documents in vaultbox, so your your family and loved ones know where to find all your vital legacy planning information in one place in vaultbox's legacy management register.

With the option to appoint a professional deputy in helping you to manage and protect everything that matters, you can ensure that your final wishes are carried out as intended.

Deputy Only


  • Be appointed as a deputy for your loved ones

  • 30-day free paid user experience





Includes everything in free plan +​

  • Assets and liabilities registry

  • Track net worth

  • 50 GB of secure file storage

  • Save your important contacts

  • Appoint a deputy

  • Ability to appoint professional deputy as an add-on at US$4.99/month

  • Legacy management

Yearly best value!


Includes everything in monthly plan +​

  • Preferential rate when appointing professional deputy as an add-on at US$49.99/year

  • Save US$29.78 yearly


Multi-factor authentication

vaultbox has a multi-factor authentication function as an additional security measure to ensure that only the rightful user is able to gain access to vaultbox account. You can easily enable it from your profile and have the code sent through an authenticator app from your mobile devices.

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