We are inviting financial advisors, lawyers, insurance brokers, wealth planners, wills and estate planners, and other financial intermediaries to partner with us as Professional Deputies.


vaultbox is a cloud-based legacy management solution developed by an established Singapore Fintech certified company. 

vaultbox inventorises user's assets/liabilities to provide an overall view of their net worth. Also, a digital safety deposit box for uploading key documents (such as wills, life insurance policies, and so on) securely accessible from anywhere.

Are you currently:

  • Managing client's trusts, estate planning, wills and probate?

  • Assisting clients to locate their financial information?

  • Dealing with clients sensitive documents?

  • Experiencing a stagnant or low growth in client acquisition?

  • Running out of ideas to attract potential clients?

  • Thinking on how to retain existing clients?

  • Limited by resources on infrastructure improvement?

  • Keen on starting a digital journey in your service offering?

Finance Chart
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Financial Chart

Benefits vaultbox can bring to your business:

  • Recurring revenue through subscriptions 

  • Improving market share

  • Attracting more business opportunities 

  • Publicising your company's digital journey

  • Enhancing client stickiness 

  • Efficient client management 

  • Product updates 

  • Cloud-based (SaaS), with no infrastructure or onsite server set-up