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Manage & Protect

Organise and record all your assets and liabilities in a centralised location.

trust & other assets
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Multiple Currencies

Track all of your assets and liabilities in multiple currencies, automatically updated to the latest market rates every time you log in.


Asset & Liability Pairing

Ability to link assets and liabilities together. For example, a mortgage linked to the relevant apartment.

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Monitor & Analyse

Overall view of your assets and liabilities across asset classes over time in graph and pie chart.

Delegate & Deputise

Users of vaultbox Pro can appoint Personal Delegates.  These are trusted friends or family members who you empower – under special circumstances - to open your vaultbox account, reset your password, and other administrative tasks.  It always takes two personal delegates working together to access your account. 


Professional Deputies are – as the name implies - professionals who specialise in estate and legacy planning.  Depending on your legal jurisdiction, there may be special licenses or certifications required.     


Regardless of whether you choose personal delegates or professional deputies, these provide an assurance that your instructions and wishes will be carried out. 

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Store & Secure

Save all your personal information including assets/liabilities supporting documents (such as wills, life insurance policies, medical records, title deeds, identification documents, and so on), and key contact information in a bank-quality digital safe.

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