Digital legacy management

Managing and protecting everything that matters

Think of vaultbox as

A tool to manage your assets/liabilities and have an overall view of your net worth.

A cloud-based legacy management service.

A digital safety deposit box for uploading records, securely accessible from anywhere.

vaultbox helps you to inventorise your a

What is your net worth?

Organise and protect all your vital financial information in one place, from keeping track of your net worth to storing key documents and contact information. 

legacy management (2).gif

Keeping your legacy alive!

Deputise a trusted service provider, confidante, or family member to give them access to your vaultbox if something happens to you unexpectedly.

Deputy Only


  • Be appointed as a deputy for your loved ones

  • 30-day free paid user experience




Includes everything in free plan +​

  • Assets and liabilities registry

  • Track net worth

  • 50 GB of secure file storage

  • Save your important contacts

  • Appoint a deputy

  • Ability to appoint professional deputy with legacy management module as an add-on at US4.99/month

best value legacy managmentplan

Yearly best value!


Includes everything in monthly plan +​

  • Preferential rate when appointing professional deputy with legacy management module as an add-on at US$49.99/year

  • Save US$29.78 yearly